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2021 Speakers

The two programs below can be located  under video archives on the left  ( just click on Video Archives) and will remain on the site for all to view and can also be found on Youtube

The October 2020 program: "Where the Church Spires Rise to Meet the Blue of the Sky' By: Trent Yerk

The January 2021 program : Heritage House and Barn Tour

Watch for our upcoming video:  Hidden in Belgium during the Holocaust and Barns of West Rockhill

ZOOM meetings will resume in September.




The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Hessians The residents of Sleepy Hollow believed the Headless Horseman to have been a Hessian. The Hessians were soldiers from Northern Germany who were rented from German princes to fight for the British in the Revolutionary War. Although six German princes rented out their troops to the British, the Hessians, from Hesse-Kassel in Hesse were the most numerous and most important, making up about 17,000 of the 30,000 total troops sent. Join Historical Reenactor and Lecturer Michael Jesberger for a program on one of America’s oldest short stories based on real events that took place in the Hudson Valley of New York during the American Revolution.