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2020 Speakers

March 09 -      Local History of bee keeping  By Harry Anselmo
                            Mr. Anselmo is a Gosenhoppen historian, the time period he will cover spans from mid 19th century to the 1920's with emphasis on Pennsylvania German influences.
April 13  -         Adopt-A-Book-Program       By: Robin Robinson
                             Robin Robertson, Recorder of Deeds at the Bucks County Court House created the Adopt-a-Book-Program
                             to save and record over 700 handwritten deed books that were neglected and falling apart some dating  as early as 1684.

May 11 -           The Land Of Three Houses   By:  J. Thomas Brown 
                                 Mr. Brown is the author of this historical fiction  and takes us back to Sterner's Mill in the Tohickon Valley now below the waters of Lake Nockamixon. 

June 08 -          Veterans Memorial in James Park
                                 Fred Diseroad and Charlie Guenst both veterans will honor the brave men and women who served  West Rockhill and the nation and talk about the Veteran's Memorial.

July 13 -           Picnic
                                  Historical Society summer picnic at James Park

August 10 -      Sherlock "Homes" Old House Detective      By: Jeff Marshall
                               Mr. Marshall who is with the Heritage Conservancy will show us how to answer questions such as: What changes were made to my house/ Which section of my house is the oldest? by using CSI like                                        evidence base approach. You will never look at an old house the same way after this presentation.
September 14 - From Rum to Revolution, the Publik House 9 Tavern)  By Bruce Stocking
                               Mr.. Stocking is an historian with the W.S. Hancock Society and he will speak about the early days of the American Republic, life around these establishments  and how they played an important role in                                   local communities and the development of the Unite States.

October 12 -        Musing of an Old Man: Pastor Muhlenberg Reflecting on His Life          By: Reverend Tom Kochenderfer
                                Reverend Kochenderfer as he brings pastor Muhlenburg to life

November 09 -    The Best of Histories Mysteries     By: Herb Kauffman
                                   Mr. Kauffman will speak about a compilation of myths, legends and unusual events from the colonial era to WWII.

December 14    -    Historical Society Christmas Party