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2018 Speakers

August 13 - The Jasper mines of Vera Cruz By: Bob Thomas
                      Bob Thomas and John Fegley will talk about American Indian culture, life and tool production and it's association with the Vera Cruz Jasper pits in Macungie.

September 10 - George Washington & Me By: Jeff Finegan
              Jeff Finegan is the author of The I knew George Washington Series, it is a unique collection of stories on George  Washington from the perspective of those who knew him best.
              He will be presenting his first book about George Washington, his slave William Lee and their incredible journey together.

October 08 - PAR Recycle Works  Helping to Make a Cleaner Safer World
                A PAR representative will come to speak to the society on the work they do and why they do it and how it helps both people and the community they live in.
                  Please come join us and ask any questions you have on our recycling event that will be held On October 20th.

November 12 - Music of WWII By: Herb Kaufman 
                  Come and enjoy the music and songs of WWII hear the likes of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Judy Garland, Al Jolson and many more.
                  Music that has been woven into our American Culture.

December 12- Christmas Party at Township Building  Please bring a cover dish.