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Heritage House

History of the Heritage House at James Memorial Park

This is a living document as most historical documents that are not complete should be, and we will be adding information as we do more research on the James Park property
The farm house now known as Heritage House in James Memorial Park is located in West Rockhill Township, Bucks County Pa.

             Almont, Bucks County, Pa.
Our story begins in 1887:

 Joseph W. Hilton
& Elizabeth Hilton
 1887 1891
 Joeseph W. Hilton 
& Elizabeth Hilton
 Anna E. Holsteine

 10/06/1597 Anna Holsteine Harry Lippencott 1897 1899
 10/13/1899 Harry Lippencott Katie G. Von Bergen 1899 1900
 10/24/1900 Katie G. Von Bergen Wilmer Wiley 1900 1901
 10/05/1901 Wilmer Wiley Stewart H. Erwin 1901 1905
 05/26/1905 Stewart H. Erwin Wilhemina Fargo1905 1918
 03/25/1918 Wilhemina Fargo Dr. E. F. Aspinwall 1918 1921
 1921 DR. E. F. Aspinwall Gustav Klinger 1921 1951
 1951 Gustav Klinger
 Franklin James
& Ruth K. James
 1951 1975
 Franklin James
& Ruth K. James
 West Rockhill Township 1975 

     At this time, we do not have much personal information on the owners or the farm from 1887-1921. Thanks to the Klinger family, who owned the property for 30 years and have kindly shared their information with us we can begin to piece together it's history after 1921.
    There is no family record of when Gustav Klinger arrived in the United States, but most likely he arrived with the wave of emigrants from Germany in the late 19th century. When he purchased the property in 1921 there were 58 tillable acres and 10 wooded acres. Gustav and his family planted and grew wheat, corn for feed, oats, and soybeans. The family grew crops for local sale and family consumption, and also raised cows, pigs, chickens, and work horses for plowing the fields. In 1942 Gustav's son Emil and his wife Erma sold their farm in Blooming Glenn, Pa. and moved into the family farm.  At that time in 1942 they contracted with Campbells Soup and added 14 acres of tomatoes to their list of crops. Gustav sold the farm in 1951 to Franklin and Ruth K. James.
       Franklin and Ruth James were married for 50 years and both were very involved in the community. Franklin served as township supervisor for over 25 years.    His wife, Ruth K. James was a renowned artist know for landscapes, still life's, and her outstanding china painting. She won many awards for her art work both locally and statewide. She was a 50 year member of the Women's Club of Perkasie, as well as a member of the Doylestown Art Guild. 
          The James Farmstead, also know as Jamescroft included the farm house, barn, and adjoining lands were purchased by West Rockhill Township upon their deaths in 1975 and were dedicated as James Memorial Park.
           Later the Pennridge Regional Police took over the house in 2003 until 2011 when it was vacated. Now the historical society will call the farmhouse home, after extensive restoration the historical society is hoping to utilize the downstairs as a museum and the upper floors as a research library, where the residents of East and West Rockhill can research their property and their genealogy and perhaps add to our knowledge of the area.

  The farmhouse 1921-1951

 The farmhouse during the Klinger family ownership  1921-1951

Ruth K. James watercolor Christmas card of the farm house 1951

the farmhouse in the 21 century  while the Pennridge Police Department  occupied the property

current photos of the Heritage House taken in 2019