Celebrating West Rockhill's Centenarians

Rhoda blowing out her candles                                   Rhoda and Retired State Representative Paul Clymer reading her birthday citation

Rhoda celebrating her 100th birthday in style a hayride with her family            Rhoda  and her five sons at their home in West Rcockhill

   On Monday night September 11, at the monthly meeting of the Historical Society long time member Rhoda Clark celebrated her 100th birthday. 

    Emma Rhoda Rickter Clark was born on September 4th 1917.Retired State Representative Paul Clymer was on hand to present Rhoda with a birthday citation to recognize this momentous occasion. Rhoda received flowers and gifts and of course a cake.

  It is an extraordinary and exceptional feat to reach the age of 100, it is even more exceptional to do so with you mental and physical health intact. Rhoda has done both.

Imagine if you can when she was born  when Woodrow Wilson was President.The United States was entering WWI. Prevalent people who would have made news at the time where Albert Einstein, Houdini, Al Capone, Buffalo Bill Cody. Theses are just people we see in history books. She has witness 18 Presidents the advent of Television, Penicillin, Polio Shots, Frozen Foods, Xerox Machines, 

Contact Lenses, Frisbees, Credit Cards, Laser Beams, Ball Point Pens, Panty Hose, Air Conditioners, Dishwashers, Cloths Dyers, The Moon Landing, and, Women's Rights, The invention of FM radio, Tape Decks, CD's Electric Typewriters, Yougurt, Computers and Cell Phones just to name a few.

   Rhoda was one of 17 children that grew up in Hilltown Township. She went to live and work for the Ingram's family of West Rockhill and has lived in West Rockhill for 86 of her 100 years.

   Her philosophy on life is accepting the things you can not change.Her secret to living to 100 is staying active both mentally and physically.Until a few years ago Rhoda was walking 3 miles a day, river tubing, and she still loves to play games every day which many of her family and friends can attest too. I hear she plays a mean game of chicken foot.

  Rhoda raised 7 sons two of whom where foster children. She has 16 grandchildren and 34 great grand children.Rhoda spent many years doing church mission work including prison ministry. Her life has been and example of caring, sharing, and giving back to her family as well as her community,and this has spread across the globe. A number of her children and grandchildren are pastors and they serve the world with their mission in places like Alaska, Australia, China and Bangladesh. Rhoda loves technology, not because she knows how to use it but her family has helped her utilize it to bring her closer to her family by frequently skyping with family members around the world. Rhoda spent her 100 birthday on September 4th with family and friends and she did it in style, She went for a hay ride.

Happy Birthday Rhoda and many, many more.

Erma Klinger a resident of West Rockhill Township and a charter member of the West Rockhill Historical Society turned 100 on July 8th. Erma Celebrated her birthday at the Historical Society's picnic at James Park with cake and flowers. Representative Craig Stats presented Erma with a citation for the State. Erma has lived in West Rockhill Township for 76 years. She is the mother of two sons Richard ( deceased) and Emil Jr. Erma has 7 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 9 great great grandchildren. On December 31 of this year her and her husband Emil will celebrate their 78th wedding anniversary. Erma's hobbies are reading her daily scripture, word search, needle point, sewing and baking. Her philosophy on living to be 100 is hard work, treat everyone like you want to be treated, go to church regularly and do not drink or smoke, We wish Erma a very happy birthday and many more.

   It is  remarkable to reach the age of 100, but when you and your spouse can reach that age together it is nothing short of spectacular. Emil Klinger a long time resident of West Rockhill Township and one of the charter members of the West Rockhill Historical Society turned 100 on march 23, Emil celebrated his birthday at the historical society's April 8th meeting with cake and gifts, Retired representative Paul Clymer presented Emil with a citation from the state. Emil has lived in West Rockhill for 98 of his 100 years. He is the father of two sons Richard ( deceased) and Emil Jr. He has 7 grandchildren 13 great grandchildren and 15 great, great grandchildren. On July 8th of this year ( 2019) his wife Erma turned 101 and on December 31's they will celebrate their 79th wedding anniversary.

Emil's hobbies are first and foremost music, he started entertaining at the age of 17 and formed the " Happy Rangers Band" and performed in the Pocono's and throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He was entertaining on the radio 6 days a week in the 1930's and early 1940's. He also taught square dancing, one of the dance teams he taught " the Grangers" took first place in the Farm Show that year. His other hobbies include woodworking, furniture canning, furniture refinishing, vinyl repair and gardening. He said" in my younger years I liked to hunt and trap" his philosophy on  his longevity : simple clean living, no drinking, smoking and lots of singing, whistling and laughing.

 Emil and his wife erma 

Emil turned 100 on March 23 his wife Erma turned 101 on JUly 8th and they will celebrate their 709th wedding anniversary on December 31, 2019

Emil is the third member of the West Rockhill Historical Society to turn 100 His wife turned 101 and member Rhoda Clark turns 102 on September 11, 2019