Eleanora Gruber

   Eleanora Gruber, a long time West Rockhill resident and civic volunteer, passed away October 1, 2015. She was 93. Born in Wilkinsburg Pa. She was the daughter of the late Fernand and Maria Suplit. Eleanora was first generation Belgian.

   She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in December of 1943 from Margaret Morrison Carnegie Tech ( Now Carnegie Mellon). Her class was expedited because of the need for graduates to take place of men enlisted or drafted into military service.

   Mrs. Gruber was employed by the Westinghouse Corporation as a sales assistant in the Marine Division until the end of WWII and than transferred to the appliance division where she was a showroom manager. There she met Warren Matthew Gruber, A Pratt graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Upon her graduation, she married Warren Gruber on December 25, 1943. They would spend the next 52 years together until Warren's death in 1996. Mr. Gruber served in the US Navy as a pilot. After the service he owned  a single engine piper aircraft, which he and Eleanora used to fly up and down the east coast. Eleanora served as navigator and co-pilot and felt capable of flying and landing the aircraft, if necessary. 

  Eleanora was employed by the Presbyterian Church for 25 years. First as a circulation manager of the magazine Presbyterian Life and later, as circulation director of the magazine. After the Presbyterian church relocated to New York city. Eleanora became  the circulation manager for the publications of the American college of Physicians. She was also an assistant editor for the Pennsylvania Society's yearly publication. Upon retirement, Mrs. Gruber volunteered with the Grand View Hospital Auxiliary, Where she was honored with the Auxillian of the Year Award in 2000 and 2004 and the Jem Bowen Service Award in 2009.

Eleanora devoted her time to the West Rockhill Township projects, serving as Auditor for 18 years. In 2000 she became the first recipient of an award honoring residents who supported the township with volunteer efforts. Eleanora was acknowledged for implementing the first computer system and for writing the first newsletter for the township. A plaque bearing her name may be found in the township building. The award also recognized her donation of a large portion of her property for land conservation.Eleanora was also a charter member of the West Rockhill Historical Society and corresponding secretary for several years. She was a member of the executive board up until the time of her death, The Eleanor Gruber award was created and presented to her in 2014 for outstanding service to the Historical Society..