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Below are the Historical Society's video Archives remain up on our website for anyone wishing to view them, they can also be found on out YouTube channel

: "Where the Church Spires Rise to Meet the Blue of the Sky' By: Trent Yerk

Trent is a member of the Ridge Valley UCC Church.

Ridge Valley has played a part in his family since the 1830's.

HIs great grandparents on the Godshall side owned the Ridge Valley store on the corner of Ridge Valley and Finland Road.

His grandmother and her siblings attended the one room Ridge Valley School.

Trent has done extensive research on Ridge Valley, and has not only a great deal of knowledge but a great collection of photographs.

Trent and other members of the church have put together this video.

It is a wonderful program. I hope you all take the time to view the video.

All you have to do is tap the link below and the video will appear. The video runs about 22 minutes.

Just click on the link below and the video will pop up

 Heritage House and Barn Tour

The West Rockhill Historical Society and Jeff Marshall from Heritage Conservancy take you on a tour of Heritage House. The House is located in James Memorial Park in West Rockhill Township. The society is renovating the house for their Headquarters, Museum and Research Center. The tour will show historical and architectural features of the house and barn.

Just click on the link below and the video will pop up