Frederick Albert Kernen Jr.

Fredrick Albert Kernen Jr. was born on January 8. 1936.

Fredrick enlisted at Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pennsylvania in 1953 at. the age of 17, while he was still attending high school. 

After graduation he did his training in the Carolina's an than at Cherry Point Naval Air Station in NC. He served at Cherry Point from 1955-1961.

Fredrick flew as a Crew Chief and Mechanic on R4's and R5 transports. He was transferred to Okinawan Japan for 18 months.

Then transferred to Quantico Naval Air Station Va. After his time at Quantico, he was sent to training as a recruiter in Levittown NY during the Vietnam War.

He was awarded an engraved sword for being a top recruiter, and a flag that had been flown over the Capital. He was again sent to Okinawa Japan for 13 

months to support the Vietnam War and flew tours where Agent Orange was dropped over Vietnam. He was then transferred to Memphis Naval Air Station

and flew as a Crew Chief for transports. In 1973 he was again transferred to Headquarters Marine Corp Washington D.C. in charge of the entire 

Enlisted Air Assignments the Mrine Corp. Fredrick retired in 1977 as a Master Gunnery Sgt. E8 after 24 years of service in the Maine Corp.

 Fredrick died at the age of 59 on July 18, 1977, from bladder cancer.